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The  diverse and contradictory demonstrations of our inner self, meet and reach a space-time agreement in the  atmospheric and majestic FOLLOW ME. Inocent and unharmed youth, shines in all its splendor in the frenzy content of Victor's bicycle

There is always a place for hope in the melancholic intensity of Something you said, and our most intimate yearnings are reflected in the beautiful simplicity of Rainbow in your eyes. The spirit turns into cheerful air during the exuberant Bar B-Q Time, the mistery of love is revealed by the guitarpa in Nani, and overflowing happiness covers everything in Mountain tops. Circular movement of the time... a deep silence... an inner voice... a revelation: In the stillness.



"If NIGHT LIGHT traveled to the intimacy of the human soul, NOE´S ARK - as a counterpoint explores the outer world in its unintelligible complexity". A world of unfinished projects (Strawberry Kisses, Daydream). A world in which imprudence is associated with madness (Shadow Talk), wolves disguise themselves as lambs (For the children) and hatred and violence attack with ferocious charge (Knock Twice)...

But it is also a world in which the hope of finding Ariadna´s thread remains (Slender threads), in order to escape the labyrinth (Get on the good foot) and discover, with childlike naivete (the smile of David), the prelude (Prelude) of a new dawn (Dew), all this made possible through  the Strenght of Love (I love you). This  is expressed with unusual rythmical wealth and a melodical variety of extraordinary beauty.



In a visceral, not at all rational dimension... a vision of the global world in which resounding colors do not  distinguish the colors of race. Unique recording, in an unrepeatable frame of space and time. In this unique frame, Kenneth Nash “talks” through his percussions in the same frequency as ADVERO Adolfo Rivero speaks through his unique and strange guitarpa and guitarsis. Display of a unity that surpasses brotherhood, between two great musicians who meet, and talk directly to eachothers hearts (maybe even to your heart?).

VISUAL SUITE - Film soundtracks (CD)


These 16 movements composed by ADVERO Adolfo Rivero and Miguel Sacristán were created through Images expressed by Sounds and with Silence as an accomplice.

This “Visual Suite” is formed by a palette of musical colors extracted from three  diferent film sound tracks.

The Music for three short films (“Huntza”, “Directo al corazón”, and “Xarmendu”), was composed simultaneously. It was already  planned for them to be part of this unique, indivisible, and enigmatic sound concept: “Visual Suite”.



Musics of the World, crucible of musical cultures... ancient silence... rythms that express the struggle for survival (spiritual survival?).

The “song” that cries out for a suffering and dying man...  the weeping of a man who belongs to the real world which ADVERO and Kenneth Nash do not want to betray. Music of the world with spiritual contents.

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