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A deep and enigmatic journey (without return?) towards the Source of  Love. Central theme of this journey is an encounter with the During!, duing which the ancient and everlasting melt together, in a path in which LOVE in itself becomes stronger than death.

From the solitude of dawn and in company only of the dry and absent desert wind, we enter a dream world in which the only thing revealed to us, is through  the eyes  of the loved one. The infinite sky harbours the inextinguishable hope of a rebirth in his arms, the eternal return to the source, peace and everlasting love.

Divine passion in a cruel world,  a world of men and women prisoners of their own arrogance and vanity, tied down by envy and traditions, abandoned to their own luck, wandering aimlessly after lies... and in the end, the redemption of love. Death as a definite and absolute handing over. Not as the end, but as the begining, an opening towards eternal life.

Sun, light, air, infinity;  the tree, the earth, the ashes, reality and the fish, fantasy, the unattainable, the source.

A masterpiece based on the text of the book “Song of Songs” in the Holy Bible. An itinerary that reaches from love to death and is watched by the calm and peaceful look of the infinite and universal God.



Desert percussions, Alhambra guitars, New York keyboards, strings that howl from India, gypsy moans, Miles Davis playing master Rodrigo´s guitar. All together in continuous evolution. Roman plows drill the earth, the iron bird furrows the sky. The Alchemist continues combining sounds, discovering magic in each corner. The wet color of night, reflecting the dreams of people. In the background, in the penumbra... what is spoken of? Two women take a walk. Three children run after marbles.

The rumor of laughter is heard in the distance. Around the kitchen fire, friends are telling stories. They share. The conversation comes and goes filling the rooms. The guitarpa is played. But outside, music is no longer cheerful, somebody is approaching. A shade... Your first enemy is the one that emerges inside of you. “Because of evil, the hearts of many will grow cold...”The bees have watched us over centuries. Immutable. Now they are restless. Their voices infect us with their anxiety.

16 internationally outstanding musicians, of different schools and disciplines meet on stage for a surprising and unique concert:



A mastered compilation of songs pertaining to Adveros extensive discography. The collection is made up of two parts. The first contains original compositions interpreted with the Guitarpa. The second part is made up of original compositions interpreted with different kinds of guitars (spanish, electric, synthesized, acoustic,Guitarsis,etc…)  accompanied by world renowned musicians playing instruments from around the five continents.

The CD includes two videos of live performances with the Guitarpa and Guitarsis respectively, which can be played via computer.



Unique and astonishing musical interplay between bees and humans that goes beyond anything tried (so far by anyone else) before. It will become -no doubt- the starting point and reference for new ways of making music and communicating with other species. Musicians thought they knew what they wanted to do and bees knew what they had to do. The result is an impressive piece of music that has to be listened at one sitting -without interruption- in order to be fully understood. The Kiss of The Bee has been composed, directed, and produced by ADVERO -a widely experienced musician and designer of new musical instruments (some of which have been played in this work)-, who led a group of sixteen musicians from all over the world. Pedro Pérez, a well-known beekeeper and prestigious apitherapist, co-founder of Bees for Life, has been the Technical Advisor of the project.



This conceptual organic creation, consists of seven joined fragments. The composition, conceived, composed, and performed by AdVero, is nothing more than a contribution to the enlightenment and awakening of man’s lethargic conscience using sonic "transgressions", forcing the listener to immerse himself into the dark stances of his unconscious mind. Guitars, percussions, samplers, worker bees, virgin queen bees, wind, water, breaths,voices of children who have been exposed to radioactivity, electronics, computers, soundscapes… compel us to cross the first of many bridges, only to find a very different reality from our own on the other side.

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