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From an early age, Adolfo Rivero began his guitar studies at the "Royal Conservatory of Madrid". Combining a classical approach with additional studies in jazz and contemporary guitar, he studied composition and modern harmony under various specialized professors.

Later, he began his studies in musical production, composition and arrangement in the U.S. under the world renowned producer and percussionist Kenneth Nash. In 1990 they formed the musical ensemble Kenneth Nash & AdVero from which two live recordings emerged co-produced by AdVero.

Kenneth Nash, percussionist and producer of numerous renowned artists, has developed a notable career as a studio and live musician being part of hundreds of productions. Among some of the artists he has collaborated with are Weather Report, Freddie Hubbard, B.B. King, Stan Getz, Herbie Hancock, Bobby McFerrin, John Lee Hooker, Dizzy Gillespie and many others.

AdVero and Kenneth Nash created a project in 2008 called Intimate Classical Tribal Instinx.

One of the most outstanding features of AdVero is the invention and design, in cooperation with the artisan and luthier Evelio Dominguez, of two new and unique string instruments in the world: the GUITARPA and the GUITARSIS. He also participated in the design of the SPECIAL CLASSICAL GUITAR and the FRETLESS CLASSICAL GUITAR. These instruments, together with synthesized, electric and acoustic guitars, Ztar, Thereminn, samplers, soundscapes, turntables and computers, as well as acoustic and electronic percussions, form part of the range of "instruments" skilfully played and used by him in the numerous concerts in which he has performed in the United States, Great Britain, and many countries of continental Europe.

AdVero has taught specialized classes in national and international seminars such as CAE (Holland), or Greenbelt Festival (England).

Since 1991, he has been active in his own studio "Sonoluminiscence", in Madrid, Spain, and the "Nash Recording Studio" in Oakland/ California, USA. Within this context he alternates his activities as comporser, perfomer, producer and professor with those of sound technician, editor and digital masterization .

He owns his own record company represented by two record labels: "Producciones Adolfo Rivero" and "2ª Venida", with which he has produced hundreds of recordings for various artists.

Throughout the many years of experience acquired by AdVero in the music industry, the opportunity has arisen to work on many different projects. Most notably:

Composer and producer of the Motion Film Soundtrack of the film "ALMA GITANA", in which he worked with artists of the "Nuevo Flamenco" (New Flamenco) movement, such as Ketama, Habichuela, Jose el Francés, etc.

Composer of soundtracks for different short films (Sueños de Sal, Huntza, Xarmendu, Directo al Corazón, San Salvador, etc.), videos and documentaries (Vive tu Plan, Album de Familia, etc.), and music for theatre (La Tempestad by William Shakespeare), and other pieces.

AdVero also produced and collaborated as an on-the-scene musician in the recording of "The Mass", a composition by Richard Landry (co-founder and member with Philip Glass, of the "Philip Glass Ensemble").

AdVero founded the "AD LOGICAL" company, with which he created a new concept of music seminar, forming part of the organization and execution of the "Encuentro Internacional de World Music de Getafe" (International World Music Festival of Getafe).

Over the years Advero has worked with numerous international artists such as Marc Russo (formerly of the Yellow Jackets), Kenneth Nash, Frank Martin, Rich Girard, Fletch Wiley, and others. He has also worked with renowned European artists such as Lole Montoya, Flores Chaviano, Javier Paxariño, Luis Delgado, Eduardo Laguillo, among others.

Produced over +100 albums for different artists and bands.


  Directo al Corazón                                        Vive tu Plan
  Huntza                                                            Album de Familia
  Xarmendu                                                      Ciudad Joven
  Alma Gitana
  Sueños de Sal
  San Salvador


AdVero with his last production, "The Kiss of the Bee", creates a unique and astonishing musical interplay between bees and humans that goes beyond anything tried so far by anyone else. It will become -no doubt- the starting point and reference for new ways of making music and communicating with other species. Musicians thought they knew what they wanted to do and bees knew what they had to do. The result is an impressive piece of music that has to be listened at one sitting -without interruption- in order to be fully understood. The Kiss of The Bee has been composed, directed, and produced by ADVERO -a widely experienced musician and designer of new musical instruments (some of which have been played in this work)-, who led a group of sixteen musicians from all over the world.

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